LIVING IN THE PARALLEL POLIS... By David A Sylvester, Prisoner # 91441-020

If the basic job of 'dissident movements' is to serve the truth, that is, to serve the aims of a free and spontaneous life, then we must develop an unofficial 'parallel polis' in education, publishing, art, even foreign policy and economy. All these will flourish naturally underneath the crust of lies of the official polis as it seeks to preserve its power based on a world of appearances. -- Adapted from Vaclav Havel, Soviet-era Czech dissident, 1978.

Location:, California

From April 11 until early July, I'll be a federal prison inmate for civil disobedience against the School of Assassins at Fort Benning. My address: David A. Sylvester, Inmate Register # 91441-020; FEDERAL PRISON CAMP; 3705 WEST FARM RD.; LOMPOC, CA 93436. CONTACT ME THROUGH: (These emails will be read, printed and mailed to me by snail mail.) If you're interested in my reflections and experiences in prison, please join my email list at the above email address.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

FLASH! I'm sentenced to 3 months in the slammer!

On Jan. 30, Federal Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth sentenced me to 3 months in a federal prison camp and imposed a $500 fine for my trespassing at Fort Benning last November in a protest against the torture training at the School of the Americas at the base and U.S. foreign policy that uses torture, kidnappings and assassinations in the name of "democracy."

Sometime in the next four to six weeks, the Bureau of Prisons will notify me of my new residence, probably a minimum security camp in California. I expect to serve from mid-March to mid-June, and will post information on visiting and phone calls shortly.

Donations and support will be greatly appreciated. Details to come.


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